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Stunning Contemporary Retreat with Natural Decoration


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Now, but you need to be more amazed looking at Luxurious Contemporary Retreat that is lack of rustic image. It is Moonson escape located in India. Abraham John Architects successfully reverse old escape picture into modern building. Retreat dominated with glass wall eases you to see charming view outside from any room.

Tall garden wall created from concrete protects this luxurious retreat. Open plan dining room with folding glass door lets you enjoy foods while looking at large swimming pool and garden. Cool jars in perfect finishing are placed in spacious dining room surrounded by glass wall. Luxurious Contemporary Retreat Interior looks bright as a consequence of glass wall.

It is likely to unwind on wide patio facilitated with classic sofa collection. Unique chandeliers on ceiling illuminate patio with mild lighting impact. Natural taste is found in garden in front of home. Stone path, rocky ornaments and beautiful flowers are placed in front of patio.

You can accomplish upstairs using floating wood staircase with metallic frame. On upstairs, you are able to unwind on balcony using concrete railing. Pretty flowers in metallic vase and tasteful armchair embellish balcony.



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